What are Cryo Facial Machines?

Plus, the benefits of cryo facial treatments for rejuvenating skin!

A cryo facial treatment is being applied to a woman's face.

The use of cryotherapy is growing in the beauty and aesthetics sector. The therapy offers a non-invasive and natural approach to skincare and its effectiveness continues to validate its spotlight in the industry.

One of the most in-demand cryotherapy treatments is cryo facials. In this blog we explore how cryo-facial machines work, the importance of the right temperature and pressure to achieve results and the benefits of cryo-facial treatments.

What is a cryo facial machine and how does it work?

A cryo facial machine uses extreme cold to stimulate the physiological responses of cryotherapy on facial skin. This leads to reduced inflammation, improved blood flow and increased collagen production, resulting in a tighter, more youthful-looking complexion.

While there are many cryo facial products in the market, treatments are only effective if the skin surface temperature is reduced low enough to achieve the full therapeutic effects of cryotherapy.

Research suggests the most optimal temperature is between 0-4 °C (32-39.2°F). It also indicates that the speed at which the skin temperature is reduced makes the treatment most effective.

INSTANTCRYO™ uses liquid CO2 released at high pressure to reduce the skin surface temperature of the skin to 4°C (39.2°F) within 30 seconds. This ensures that the full therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy are achieved.

In addition, high-pressure aids in stimulating the skin receptors, further reducing inflammation and promoting muscle relaxation.

What are the benefits of cryo facial treatments?

Cryo facials stimulate a range of physiological responses in the skin, all of which result in smoother, tighter and more radiant skin. There are numerous benefits of cryo facials, below are a few of the key ones:

• Reduces pore size & fine lines
• Brightens of dark circles
• Encourages efficient blood flow
• Reduces inflammation, puffiness & redness
• Promotes firmer-looking skin
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and other waste products and enhancing skin’s natural radiance
• Increases collagen production

Specific protocols and methods should be followed when applying cryo facials to ensure treatments provide the desired results.

Every INSTANTCRYO™ customer is provided with in-person training. This ensures users understand how to correctly apply cryo facial treatments so that the benefits of cryotherapy are safely and effectively achieved.

Interested in purchasing a cryo facial machine?

If you’re looking for a cryo facial machine to enhance your aesthetic services, INSTANTCRYO™ is the most effective, safe and robust in the market.

Along with the device being made with high-quality materials and installed with laser precision technology, the training and ongoing support provided with every purchase ensures cryotherapy is applied safely and optimally.

You can find out more about what INSTANTCRYO™can do for beauty and aesthetics here.

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