Targeted Cryotherapy Device for Aesthetics and Dermatology 

Drug-free, non-invasive treatment

Cold Therapy is a natural treatment that can be a beneficial aid in managing acute and chronic skin conditions.

No side effects

INSTANTCRYO™ treatments have no known side effects and require no downtime after treatments.

initial face to face training

Every INSTANTCRYO™ customer receives comprehensive device training and a certification upon completion. 

Ongoing Support

INSTANTCRYO™ customers enjoy access to training protocols, case studies and continuous support. 

From anti-ageing solutions to addressing conditions like acne, INSTANTCRYO™ is an effective localized cryotherapy device for aesthetics and skin health. 

The physiological response of cryotherapy stimulates a larger supply of oxygen, collagen, elastin, and other essential healing proteins to the skin allowing it to repair at a faster and more efficient rate.

INSTANTCRYO™ for Aesthetics including Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing and Beauty 

Cryotherapy facials and lifts create a tighter and more toned appearance leaving you with a complexion that glows. Research suggests that the benefits of regular cryotherapy facials and lifts are:

  • Anti-ageing effects such as reduction of lines & wrinkles
  • Smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin
  • Reduced pore size and brightening of dark spots 
  • improved blood flow and increased collagen production
  • Cryo body sculpting*

INSTANTCRYO™ for Dermatology 

The physiological response induced by the extreme cold temperature and high pressure is an efficient tool for speeding up the recovery process of damaged skin. INSTANTCRYO™ localized cryotherapy treatments can be used to help manage many common dermatological conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Post-operative scaring


INSTANTCRYO™ Cryotherapy Massages

A cryotherapy massage revitalizes the body, soothes pain around muscles and joints, leaving your client feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Performed regularly, it can provide the full benefits of whole-body cryotherapy for both the body and mind such as better circulation, enhanced mobility, reduced stress and anxiety, regulation of REM sleep and much more.


iCryo Wand

The iCryo Wand is the First in the World to Deliver a 10-second Spray that Reduces a Facial Wand to -20°C (-4°F).

Made from High-Quality Materials & Sealed with a Non-Stick Coating.

Benefits of iCryo™

  • Boosts circulation

  • Aids lymphatic drainage

  • Soothes inflamed skin

  • Improves radiance

  • Reduces puffiness

  • Sculpts, tones and firms skin

  • Rejuvenates & revitalises complexion

Treatment protocols, training & support for Beauty & Aesthetics are provided with every purchase.

INSTANTCRYO™ complete with training is available worldwide via our stockists. If you’re interested in purchasing a device, or would like more information, simply fill out our contact form and a representative will get in touch with you.  

INSTANTCRYO™ is an ISO-certified cryotherapy device.