Industry-Leading Localized Cryotherapy Device 

   Safe, Quick and Effective Localized Cryotherapy Treatments.

Localized Cryotherapy Device Made From Light-weight Aluminium and Installed With High Precision Laser Technology.

Extreme Cold Exposure Can Help Reduce Pain, Inflammation & Recovery time.

Skin Surface Temperature Reduced to 39°F (4°C) within 30 seconds.

Leading the Way in Localized Cryotherapy


Localized cryotherapy is highly effective for equine rehabilitation, recovery, and performance. INSTANTCRYO™ treatments can help to naturally reduce pain and inflammation, facilitate the recovery of many common injuries and conditions, and aid in overall equine wellbeing. Enhance your stables with the transformative benefits of this efficient cryotherapy device.


INSTANTCRYO™ can offer a multitude of health and wellness benefits, including pain and inflammation reduction, accelerated recovery, improved sports performance, injury prevention, and aesthetic enhancements. Ideal for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports recovery, dermatology & beauty. 

A localized cryotherapy machine attached to a gas cylinder.



Manufactured by ECB, INSTANTCRYO™ is a portable localized cryotherapy device that provides quick, effective, and safe treatments for both human and equine sectors. 

Cryotherapy has for a long time been recognised for its therapeutic benefits. Localized cryotherapy allows for these benefits to be focused on a targeted area of the body. It uses a combination of extreme cold temperature and high pressure reducing the skin surface temperature to 39°F (4°C) within 30 seconds. This triggers a combination of physiological adaptations that can have several benefits for health and wellbeing.

The device has been ergonomically designed so that it is user-friendly and convenient.

A range of nozzles come with the device, along with a thermal imaging video camera.

Full support and training are provided for each purchase.

ECB has extensive expertise in manufacturing both cryotherapy and hydrotherapy equipment.  To explore their hydrotherapy equipment for equine including equine spas and aqua treadmills, visit