INSTANTCRYO™ is meticulously designed for user convenience, incorporating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic features to provide a seamless and safe cryotherapy experience.

Proximity Sensor

To detect the presence of the treatment area without any physical contact.

Precision Laser Guides

When the two laser points meet on the skin this will indicate to the user that they have achieved the optimum distance for safe use.

High Grade Temperature Sensor

To measure the most accurate surface temperature of the skin before, during and after the treatment.

Dual LED Lights

Dual LEDs will turn from a white light to a blue light when optimum temperature has been reached (39.2).

Durable Rubber Grips

Enables the device to be comfortably handheld allowing more precise usage and detailed therapy.

OLED Display Screen

Customizes view with the rotation of the device.

4 Different

Treatment Nozzles

A range of nozzles come with the cryotherapy device, each designed to manipulate pressure and for treating specific injuries/conditions.

Red Nozzle

For acute injuries such as muscle tears or sprains.

Black Nozzle

For common large surface area injuries, such as the leg or back.

Cone Nozzle

A softer nozzle to treat very sensitive areas such as the face, neck and head.

Blue Dome Nozzle

A cold press massage tool. the dome reaches -40C (-40f) and lasts up to 10 minutes. Apply directly on skin for a cold press massage.





High-Definition Thermal Imaging Camera

320x240 Pixel Thermal Imaging Video Camera


  • Pinpoint highly inflamed areas, precisely identifying the source of injury, trauma, or condition for targeted and accurate treatment.


  • Record temperature changes before and after cryotherapy sessions to measure the reduction in inflammation.


  • Spot the telltale ‘cold spots’ indicating poor circulation, enabling focused cryotherapy treatment to enhance blood flow and revitalization in those areas.

Our Comprehensive INSTANTCRYO™ Package Includes:


  • 4 Treatment Nozzles
  • High Definition Thermal Imaging Video Camera
  • Co2 Hose
  • Battery Charger
  • Carry Case
  • Comprehensive Training (certification provided on completion) 
  • Ongoing Support
  • Access to marketing materials 
  • 2-year warranty (with the option to extend coverage to 3 and 4 years for an additional charge)
  • Incentives for Referrals
A localized cryotherapy machine attached to a gas cylinder.

INSTANTCRYO™  is complete with training worldwide. If you’re interested in purchasing a device, or would like more information, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.  

INSTANTCRYO™ is a ISO-certified cryotherapy device.