About ECB


ECB has extensive expertise in the realm of cold therapy technology manufacturing high-quality cold spas that utilize both cold water and salt water therapy. Moreover, they have established themselves as industry leaders in the global equine sector, renowned for their production of aqua cold spas and treadmills.

INSTANTCRYO™ is ECB’s latest innovation. The device is engineered to provide localized cryotherapy treatments, catering to both equine and human applications. Meticulously crafted from lightweight aluminum and featuring precision laser technology, INSTANTCRYO™ stands unparalleled in terms of safety and durability among handheld cryotherapy devices.

To explore ECB cold spas for human use, visit www.coldspa.com.

For ECB equine spas and water treadmills, visit www.equinespa.com

INSTANTCRYO™ complete with training is available worldwide via our stockists. If you’re interested in purchasing a device, or would like more information, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.