Safe and Efficient Targeted Cryotherapy Machine For Human Use


Harnessing the potency of extreme cold and high pressure, our targeted cryotherapy machine offers a spectrum of benefits for the human sector, facilitating accelerated injury recovery, rehabilitation, and aesthetic enhancements.

Explore INSTANTCRYO™ human therapy areas below.


Human Therapy Areas


Pain Relief & Recovery


INSTANTCRYO™ can be a beneficial aid in the recovery and management of acute and chronic injuries and conditions. Treatments can also be used for sports performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Ideal for athletes seeking to enhance performance and recover from sports-related injuries, as well as for individuals wanting to optimise their health and mobility.


Beauty & Aesthetics


INSTANTCRYO™ is a cold therapy machine that provides treatments effective for relieving the symptoms of many acute and chronic skin conditions and has numerous benefits for aesthetic and wellness purposes.

Perfect for dermatology clinics, beauty clinics, and holistic therapy services.