Cryo facial roller being used on a face for a facial

 The Best Cryo Face Roller and the Benefits of Ice Rolling

Cold therapy is widely recognised as an effective, minimally invasive, and natural approach to skincare. Ice rolling using a cryo face roller has surged in popularity as a method of applying cold therapy to the face.

However, despite the abundance of ice rollers on the market, many fall short of delivering the full therapeutic benefits of intense cold necessary for noticeable results.

Introducing ECB’s latest innovation – The iCryo™ wand, a cryo face roller designed to lower the skin temperature sufficiently to unlock the true benefits of extreme cold.

What makes iCryo™ the best cryo face roller?

The iCryo™ wand is the first in the world to reduce to -20°C (-4°F). This enables the skin to reach temperatures cold enough to trigger the ‘cryotherapeutic effect’. Using the wand, ice rolling becomes an effective method of rejuvenating the complexion, and achieving a more youthful, radiant and firm look.

iCryo™ is also made from high-quality materials & sealed with a non-stick coating.

What are the benefits of ice rolling using iCryo™?

Reduces inflammation and redness
When the cold is first applied to the skin, blood vessels at the surface constrict. Swelling and inflammation are reduced and redness is calmed. This makes ice rolling great in the summer when many hours are spent in the sun!

Boosts collagen
Who knew the cold could be an effective anti-ageing solution for the skin?

Collagen is an essential protein needed for skin elasticity and firmness however, as we age, we start to produce less of it.

It’s suggested that the cold helps promote the production of collagen. Regularly using a face cryo roller helps tighten the skin, maintain its firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Aids in lymphatic drainage
The extreme cold combined with the pressure from the massaging effect of the wand helps stimulate the movement of lymph fluid. This stops the build-up of fluids and flushes out any toxins reducing puffiness and clogged pores.

A glowing complexion
Post-ice rolling, blood vessels dilate to warm the skin back up to normal temperature. The increase in circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the surface which results in a facial glow.

Reduces breakouts
Ice rolling on a pimple or spot can help quicken recovery and prevent scarring. The cold will encourage blood flow to the area which kickstarts the healing process and delivers the nutrients needed for repair.

Target pain and tension
Extreme cold has an analgesic (pain relief) and muscle-relaxant effect. If you suffer from regular headaches, or muscle tension around the face and neck, ice rolling can help provide relief and promote relaxation.

How to use the ice roller

The iCryo™ wand is part of the INSTANTCRYO™ package. Using the INSTANTCRYO™ device, a 10-second spray reduces the wand to -20°C (-4°F).

The wand can then be used for ice rolling or as part of a cryo facials for up to 20 minutes.
It’s recommended to apply cryotherapy before any moisturiser or makeup is put on the face.

Full training & support are provided with every purchase along with specific protocols.


A cryo wand roller for facial treatments.
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