Cryotherapy is a wellness treatment that utilises cold to provide natural and effective pain relief and recovery. 

The healing properties of low temperatures goes back for centuries. Modern cryotherapy techniques are based on the works of the Japanese researcher T.Yamauchi. In 1979, Yamauchi introduced the nitrogen cold gas therapy with – 292°F (-180°C) at the rheumatology congress in Wiesbaden, Germany, demonstrating how extreme cold can be effective for pain relief and recovery. This discovery is what led to the formulation of cryotherapy application protocols in medical therapy as well as expanded the use of cryotherapy in alternative wellness therapies for pain relief and recovery.

Over the years, the use of cryotherapy has advanced to include liquid C02. This adds a high pressure to the therapy which combined enables for better results in terms of pain and inflammation relief.

Cryotherapy is now regularly used in the equine sector as an alternative non-invasive natural treatment for horses.


INSTANTCRYO™ has been designed and innovated by ECB. Across our USA and UK base we have over 22 years’ experience in cold therapy technology, manufacturing water spas for equine use for customers around the world.

ECB has seen the importance of using cold therapy from the years of research that proves cryotherapy as being very beneficial for equine use. A reduction in temperature along with a high pressure is highly effective for achieving pain relief and aiding in the recovery of numerous horse injuries and conditions.

Our aim at ECB is to develop safe and effective methods to deliver cryotherapy to your horse so that they can recover and get back to doing what they love as quick and as safe as possible.

We have found that cryotherapy is an effective treatment for horses that come with no side effects or adverse reactions.  Common horse injuries such as strained tendons and ligaments are treated using cryotherapy as well as more serious injuries and horse conditions such as arthritis.

It is also known to be very beneficial for competitive horses as cryotherapy aids greatly in muscle recovery and prevention of further injuries allowing for their performance and longevity in competitions to remain high.

Building from this vast knowledge and experience, we have developed INSTANTCRYO™, a handheld cryotherapy equine device that delivers quick and effective localised non-invasive treatments for horses.

The device is uniquely made with lightweight aluminium and is installed with laser precision technology which makes INSTANTCRYO™ the safest and most robust hand-held device within the world of cryotherapy.

With our customers at the centre of our mind, INSTANTCRYO™ is ergonomically flexible and easy to use delivering the best experience for the users and their horses. Safety features and a range of unique nozzles designed for treating specific injuries/conditions accompany the device making INSTANTCRYO™ the most versatile handheld Cryotherapy device in the market today.

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