Localized Cryotherapy for Athletes



To be successful in a sport, training isn’t the only thing that matters – rest and recovery are paramount to preventing injuries and ensuring longevity.

While nailing good nutrition, hydration, and sleep should always be the number one priority, several therapy tools can supplement the recovery process, and localized cryotherapy is one of them!


Key Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy for Athletes


Faster Recovery Rate & Reduced Muscle Soreness

Engaging in intense exercise places a lot of stress on muscle tissue and causes microscopic tears in muscle fibers. As a result, minor soreness and inflammation can be experienced post-training, often referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Research has shown that cryotherapy is effective in reducing these symptoms and can support the body in repairing and strengthening damaged tissues.

Cold exposure initially causes blood vessels to constrict reducing any immediate swelling and pain caused by intense training. As the muscles begin to warm back up post-treatment, vasodilation takes place where a rush of blood flows back to the treated area providing oxygen, collagen, and other nutrients needed to recover from a workout. 

A recent study exploring the effects of whole-body cryotherapy on long and middle-distance runners found that it significantly helped reduce exercise-induced muscle damage post-running. Localized cryotherapy will have the same effect but it has the advantage of allowing you to target muscles that are feeling particularly sore or that are prone to injury.


Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Whether it’s soft tissue damage, a muscle tear, or a sprained ankle, pain and inflammation usually occur when we’re injured. Inflammation is essentially a result of a build-up of fluid and while it is a natural defense response, prolonged inflammation can be painful and interfere with the healing process.

Research suggests that cryotherapy can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by sports injuries. Extreme cold triggers vasoconstriction which minimizes the amount of blood entering the damaged tissues. It also enhances lymphatic drainage which removes any excess fluid and toxins from the injured site. Nerve activity in pain fibres also decreases providing an instant analgesic (pain-relief) effect.


Improved Mobility & Flexibility

Mobility is an important but often overlooked aspect of fitness. It helps maintain efficient movement and reduces the risk of developing muscle imbalances that lead to serious injury.

Blood circulation is thought to be enhanced after cryotherapy treatments and studies have shown how this effect improves joint range of motion and flexibility in athletes.


Promotes Muscle & Tissue Repair

Cryotherapy can be beneficial for treating musculoskeletal injuries and can help manage acute and chronic pain. The cycle of vasoconstriction and later vasodilation increases blood flow to the injured area, bringing a rush of oxygen, collagen, and other essential nutrients needed for recovery.

Lymphatic drainage is also thought to be enhanced by cryotherapy helping reduce pain and inflammation, improve range of motion, and assist in the rehabilitation of soft tissue.


Injury Prevention

Along with aiding in the recovery of existing injuries, cold exposure can be used as part of preventative care. It encourages tight muscles to relax and stimulates a more efficient supply of oxygenated blood to damaged tissues.

Regularly applying treatments on athletes can be an effective prehab strategy to help muscles recover and reduce the risk of more serious damage.


Thinking About Offering Localized Cryotherapy for Exercise and Recovery as a Service?

Research is continuing to reveal more about the benefits of localized cryotherapy for athletes and how it can help in injury recovery and prevention.

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Localized cryotherapy device to treat athlete

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