INSTANTCRYO™ Device Features


INSTANTCRYO™ Device Nozzles 

A range of nozzles come with the device, each designed for a specific use. INSTANTCRYO™ training and treatment protocols (accessible to every customer after purchase) provide recommendations on how and when to use each nozzle. 

  • Red Nozzle: Often used for acute injuries and pre and post-surgery treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Black Nozzle: Designed for large surface area injuries such as knee and leg injuries.
  • Cone Nozzle: A softer nozzle to treat very sensitive areas such as the face, neck, and scalp.
  • Blue Dome Nozzle: Used for cold press massaging. The cold press reaches -40°C (-40°F) and lasts up to 10 minutes. The nozzle can be applied directly onto the skin and acts as a cold press massage to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. A cold press massage is also recommended for improving general wellbeing and for preventative care.

INSTANTCRYO™ Thermal Imagining Camera 

The device comes with a High Definition 320x240 Pixel Thermal Imaging Camera which can be used to:

  • Identify areas which are highly inflamed so you can accurately target the right parts of the injury. 
  • Enables to visibly see the reduction in the temperature of the injury during and after treatments.

INSTANTCRYO™ Device Safety Features 

Proximity Sensor

The unit is fitted with a cutting-edge proximity sensor which is able to detect the presence of the skin without any physical contact. The device will automatically show the optimum treatment distance when using an 'Acute Spray' nozzle and will stop when it is too close to the area for user and client safety.



Precision Laser Guides

The device has two unique 'Precision Laser' guides that come on when the device is active. The purpose of the lasers guides is safety.  When the two laser points meet on the skin this will indicate to the user that they have achieved the optimum distance for safe use.



High Grade Temperature Sensor

The device has a high grade 'Temperature Sensor' to measure the most accurate surface temperature of the skin before, during and after the treatment. This allows you to see the decrease in temperature during cyrostimulation and thus the increase in the natural recovery process as inflammation decreases.


Dual LED lights

Dual 'LEDs' have been built into the device to give the user a clear visual notification that the skin temperature during a session has reached the cryostimulation range. They will turn from a white light to a blue light when optimum temperature has been reached (39.2).




Underside Rubber grip

The underside of the device has an 'Ergonomic Grip' to control the device in the hand-held mode. It can be comfortably held with fingers or cradled into the palm of the hand. This enables the user to easily treat and reach any area of the body that is in need of treatment. 


Side Finger Grips 

On the side of the device there are two ergonomic 'Finger Grips' to enable the user to hold the device with their fingers allowing more precise usage and detailed therapy. This is beneficial when relieving pain for clients who have ligament, tendon or muscle injuries in more obscure areas that are difficult to reach and require flexibility to ensure the right area is targeted.


Our INSTANTCRYO™ device is available in a wide range of colors. Users can choose their preferred device color after purchase.