INSTANTCRYO™ Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation

INSTANTCRYO™ is a natural therapy used within the equine sector for the recovery, pain relief, and wellbeing of horses. Whether your horses are competitors or not, INSTANTCRYO™ will benefit every stable. The uses are wide from treating injuries and speeding up the recovery process, to aiding in the performance and overall general wellbeing of a horse. 

INSTANTCRYO™ Cryotherapy for Horses

INSTANTCRYO™ releases C02 gas at -108°F (-78°C) at a high pressure 50 bar (756 psi), reducing skin surface temperature of the injured area to 39°F (4°C) within 30 seconds. This induces the 'cryotherapeutic effect' - a combination of several physiological adaptions that happen simultaneously. Pain and inflammation is decreased, toxins and other waste products are removed and blood containing oxygen, healing proteins and other essential nutrients is increased to the affected area. Overall, the body’s natural process of recovery is enhanced enabling the horse to get back to what they love doing quicker. Learn more about how the science behind here. 

The INSTANTCRYO™ device is made with high precision technology and comes with a range of different nozzles and a thermal imaging camera. Learn more about the product features here. 

Full training and ongoing support are included with the purchase to ensure the product is being used efficiently so the horses gain the full benefits of cryotherapy.  

Benefits of cryotherapy for horses: 

  • Enhanced recovery time
  • Significant reductions in inflammation and pain
  • Faster and more efficient recovery of many injuries including tendon and ligament injuries, muscle sprains and joint injuries
  • A higher than normal success rate in treating and rehabilitating conditions such as arthritis and other joint diseases, tendonitis, dermatitis, torticollis, epicondylitis, bursitis and synovitis, cellulitis, sciatica, and many more
  • The enhanced healing process of bruising, scars, wounds, and sutures
  • An increase in the amplitude of movement and mobility for the horse is beneficial post-surgery and for horse rehabilitation
  • Controlled swelling and quick drainage of horse haematomas
  • Beneficial for performance. Treatments relieve tight and strained muscles pre and post-racing or training
  • Effective for long-term pain management for horses as there are no negative side effects of cryotherapy
  • A higher resilience to future injury and reduced risk of relapse

Treating horses regularly with INSTANTCRYO™ is highly beneficial even if they aren’t injured. Cryotherapy increases blood circulation contributing to their overall wellbeing and enhancing their performance in physical activity. Mobility increases allowing them to move more efficiently strengthening muscles and joints and reducing the risk of future injuries and conditions. 

Why is INSTANTCRYO™ Cryotherapy better than icing your horse?

It is well known within the equine sector that cold therapy is beneficial for aiding in the recovery of many horse injuries. Applying ice is a common technique used to reduce the horse’s skin temperature. However, ice cannot be continuously applied for more than 20 minutes without adverse effects which means the horse will not gain the true benefits of cryotherapy.

INSTANTCRYO™ provides a practical and more effective alternative to icing. Within 30 seconds, it reduces the skin temperature to 39°F (4°C) degrees which is significantly lower than the temperature reached using ice. Combined with the high pressure, INSTANTCRYO™ allows for cryostimulation to be achieved. This enables for the horse to gain all the benefits that cold therapy can offer, naturally enhancing the horse’s recovery and pain relief.

Due to treatments being only 30 seconds long and the ergonomic design of the handheld device, it is easier and more practical to treat any area of the horse using INSTANTCRYO™ than continually applying ice packs.

INSTANTCRYO™ is available worldwide directly or via our stockists. For any enquiries or to find your local stockist, please contact us here