Cryotherapy for Open Wound Recovery

Cryotherapy for Open Wound Recovery

Open wounds, including lacerations, scrapes, abrasions, and puncture wounds, can occur for various reasons, with fences and gates being common culprits. When you first notice a wound, immediate action is necessary, beginning with proper wound cleansing procedures.

Certain signs may warrant contacting a veterinarian, such as deep cuts exposing flesh, excessive bleeding, the presence of foreign objects, wounds near joints, lameness in horses, or any eye-related injuries. 

Cryotherapy for Open Wounds on Horses

To expedite the healing process of open wounds, cryotherapy can be used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods. Cryotherapy's remarkable ability to inhibit bacterial growth, thanks to its bacteriostatic properties, makes it an invaluable asset. By subjecting the affected area to extreme cold, bacteria can no longer grow, reducing the risk of infection and preventing the spread if an infection is already present.

Furthermore, cryotherapy facilitates the removal of toxins and reduces inflammation in and around the wound area, alleviating swelling and pain. By accelerating the healing process, it will enhance the body's innate ability to recover.

Case Study for Treating Open Wounds Using INSTANTCRYO™ Cryotherapy  

Many of our clients use the INSTANTCRYO™ device to effectively accelerate the recovery process of open wounds. Below is one of numerous successful case studies.

Performed by Katherine Graham, owner of Apex Therapy in South Australia who employs INSTANTCRYO™ cryotherapy to facilitate the healing of open wounds on horses.

A recently retired thoroughbred horse suffered a severe leg wound, resulting in a complete exposure of the cannon bone, caused by a tendon being severed. Despite undergoing intensive bandaging and treatment for 5 months, the leg remained extremely swollen, and the wound failed to heal.

Seeking a solution, the owner turned to Apex Therapy to explore the potential benefits of cryotherapy.

The horse was given regular INSTANTCRYO™ treatments for an initial period of 3 weeks. After 21 days, a remarkable transformation had taken place. The wound had significantly healed, reducing in size by an impressive 50%, accompanied by a substantial decrease in swelling. With such encouraging results, the horse was happily returned to the owner's care. To support the ongoing healing process, the horse will now receive INSTANTCRYO™ treatments every 14 days. The images below show the healing process of the open wound.